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The hippocampus takes a real battering during involuntary time travel, together we tried to bind our fragmented recollections into a series of spatial forms, colours and to re-create the soft power of her voice.

This video is documentation of those forms.

Beloved are the Erythrocytes. Beloved are the Plasmas as they flow between our paths.

Gorge is a folk shrine recreated from The 5quaD’s collective memories of the year 2080. The shrine was located in a sports stadium outside the Dover Militarized Zone.

The Crimson Queen led prayers to the Eternals for their continued wisdom in enabling the strength and stability of this nameless society.

The simultaneous development of a fully automated society and the discovery of immortality through parabiosis maintained the position of the globalised elite, but flipped the generational divide on its head.

The under 30’s had their blood to sell. They competed against each other to become the most desirable doners; the health and fitness generation.

The over 30’s found themselves surplus to requirements. Without work or young blood they had no way to earn an income and found themselves dependent on the generosity of the young to survive.

As the decades past the nuclear family disappeared as people began to produce lots of young blood to sustain their elders – but there was no obligation to, other than the familial one. The elderly had to ingratiate themselves, to be useful enough to earn their charity.

The new system was becoming normalised and took on the appearance of inevitability. New myths and narratives emerged to sustain the new truth.

The people were so focused on their own survival that they didn’t think about the elite immortals who forced this situation upon them. In fact, they were grateful – for it was the elite who gave them their only earning capacity. If they could be the healthiest young people they could be, they could earn money and look after their elders and in turn grow into useful older citizens for their young then they could have good lives.

The Eternals also provided their people with basic education and healthcare. And not only this, several holidays with elaborate festivities were lavished on the populous each year.


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