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Back in 5 Minutes Squad and Art in Motion joined forces to plant the seeds of a utopian future.


Paradise City is a multi layered immersive environment, a utopian vision born of the combined fantasies of both groups, reflecting shared interests in imaginary worlds and times, urban heritage and the impact environments have on society.


Evolving over the ten days of the residency these two diverse groups will collaborate to portray their vision of an ideal, egalitarian future in which humans of all types and abilities coexist peacefully and purposefully together. The fabric of this future city will reflect the diverse and idiosyncratic interests of all the artists involved.


Back in 5 Minutes Squad and Art in Motion, based at Spike Island Studios in Bristol, will work together for the first time this summer to produce this epic installation during their IGNiTE Residency at Trinity Centre.


We were delighted to work with Art in Motion (AIM) an emerging not-for-profit participatory arts organisation that provides opportunities for artists with learning disabilities to engage with contemporary art and to explore ideas and concepts with a specific focus on heritage, the built environment and sense of place.



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